Mission and History

Our Mission

The Center for Hope is a beacon of light within the Ambridge community. Our mission is to assist our neighbors in breaking free from the chains of poverty and stepping into lives of independence. We believe in the holistic development of each individual – nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. We display Christian love and principles in every interaction with our clients, creating a safe and supportive environment where they can grow and thrive.

Beyond being a place of emotional and spiritual support, we also provide practical assistance in the form of food provisions for those facing challenges. At the Center for Hope, we aim to be more than just a place of refuge; we strive to be a stepping stone towards a better, brighter future for every person we serve.

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Our History

The Center for Hope was born out of Chairman of the Board Nancy Wood’s passion for the Ambridge community and her desire to give back. Sue, the Center’s Director, was brought on board and has a deep understanding of the community’s history and the unique challenges it faces. She envisioned a place where individuals could not only receive immediate assistance but also learn and grow, gaining the skills and resilience needed to forge a path out of poverty. Learn more about our history and value to the community here.

Over the years, the Center has become an essential part of the Ambridge community, recognized as a place where anyone in need can find a helping hand, a listening ear, and a heart full of compassion. We are proud of the impact we have had, but we know our work is far from over. We look forward to continuing our service and offering hope to the many more individuals who are yet to walk through our doors.

How We Help

Top 4 Ways
We Assist Those In Need


On-Going Programs

Our programs are designed to provide consistent support for families, adults, and the youth. We strive to make good nutrition a priority for our community.


Family Dinners

Every week, organizations prepare nutritious meals for clients in our food pantry. These dinners not only provide much-needed sustenance but also serve as a way to bring people together and combat loneliness.


Clothes Closet

We offer a clothes closet where clients in our food pantry can find free clothing and accessories to help them stay warm, comfortable, and confident.


After School Programs

We believe that investing in our youth is crucial for the future of our community. That’s why we offer after-school programs that provide academic support as well as a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

Spreading Hope and Joy

At the Center for Hope, we understand that sometimes, the greatest gift we can give is hope. That’s why we strive to spread joy and positivity through various initiatives, such as our food pantry, clothes closet, and a variety of supportive programs. We believe that by bringing people together and spreading positivity, we can make a difference.


Years of Experience


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Becca Foster
Becca Foster
They are very helpful and nice. This community is richer for having them here.
Noble Ward
Noble Ward
Very helpful!
Kymeria Glacier
Kymeria Glacier
Everyone at center of hope are truly sweetest people they will help in need of help it's a great food bank
Skylan Taylor
Skylan Taylor
I love the CFH. Great people, good help as well.